Stevie Bales

Hiya. I’m Stevie Bales…

…a trained designer and lover of all things ‘experiential’. From traveling to performances, and museums to role-playing board games, you better believe I’m IN for making memories.

With over 6 years of design experience, I'm here to help people create audience engagement by designing assets that focus on the emotional interactivity of story, to create message integrity, enhanced participation, and audience loyalty.

I’m a storyteller at heart, with an unbreakable love for engaging my audience (probably comes from that old dream of becoming a broadway actress). A sucker for grand experiences, I strive to create designs that captivate and immerse.

I am on a mission to create & share more ‘experiences’ because I believe that just one really great experience can completely change someone’s life, perspective, and understanding of the world. I'm here to prove that it doesn't take large budgets to execute great ideas. You can connect with your audience at any scale!

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When designing for engagement, it's best to start with the message. Eventually though, you'll need to decide on the type of design to best tell that message. Here is where I can help you with that.


I started my career in theatre, and understand the finer points of engagement through events. For bigger projects, and advanced engagement let me help you design: office spaces, retail stands, exhibits, and large corporate events.


Engagement starts at the first point of interaction with your audience. I can help you design print and graphic materials including: business cards, postcards, letters, Books/e-Books, and many more.


Today, we engage more through digital means than any other. I can help you develop engaging designs across: websites, social media, bespoke apps, and more.