Stevie Bales | Environmental Graphic & Exhibit Designer

Hiya. I'm

…a trained designer and lover of all things ‘experiential’, I enjoy exploring, creating, and trying new things.

As a creator of interactive exhibits & experiential graphics, I find it extremely important to like to do the things you design for. This love of memory-making gives me the edge that you need to design something great. You wouldn’t hire a baker that didn’t like chocolate, would you? (this is literally the reason I didn’t become a baker!) So don’t hire a designer that doesn’t absolute love and adore what you do!

When not behind a screen, you will find me absorbing the nearest museum, traveling across the world or down the street, pretending to be a Settler of Catan, or trying new craft beer (sometimes with cheese!). I also play role-playing board games, stop at visitor centers on the way in and out, as well as drink wine with pasta or steak (but not pizza, that’s weird).

If you love the stranger things in life as much as I do and are in serious need of some design help, let’s work together.

Industries I Serve

Beer, Wine, Spirits Industry

Beer, Wine,
& Spirits

Table Top & Board Game Industry

Tabletop Games
& Board Games

Travel & Tourism Industry

Travel &
Tourism Services