Museum Exhibit Designer
creating visual and interactive learning experiences.

Stevie Bales | Environmental Graphic & Exhibit Designer

I help museums engage new visitors by designing exhibits that are participatory, interactive, and visually vibrant.

Who am I?

I’m Stevie Bales, a trained designer and lover of all things ‘experiential’, I enjoy exploring, creating, and trying new things. Working at the intersection of digital technology, spatial interaction, and graphics, I design exhibits that help museums be unique in their industry, attract new foot traffic, and increase visitor engagement.

In a competitive world full of distractions, I aim to make designs that captivate audiences and teach through interactivity. I’m on a mission to bring museums back into the spotlight and create content that increases new visitors.

Services I Offer.

Banner Signs

Printed materials that help your exhibit shine. I have previously worked on standard banner, roller, and vinyl graphics.

3D Signage

Want something cool? A 3D sign can really make a statement about your theme.

Environmental Graphics

Branding & Print

Logos & Identity

Giving your exhibit a visual identity is the first step to creating a memorable experience.

Print Materials

From brochures to postcards, let's create some assets that aid in showing and teaching your theme to visitors.


Have a tough space to work with? I can help figure out the best layout and customer flow for the content.

Bespoke Cases

From found objects to high-end pieces, I can help you figure out the best 'case' to keep your display items.

Exhibit Spatial Layout

Interactive Technology

Digital Screens

Touch screens, apps, and more! Let's build something unique for your museum.


We can still use technology without the screen. I have experience in building with micro-controllers, sensors, and wired installations.


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Stevie Bales

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