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Edinlore: A Transmedia Storytelling Scavenger Hunt

Interaction Designer
Project Details
  • Client: City of Edinburgh Scotland
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland UK
  • Date: May 2015

The Brief

The city of Edinburgh is a city of culture, development, and history. That mean this place has a wealth of folklore and stories to be shared. Yet, the city has never created a means to consume, understand, or recognize the majority of these stories. The many events of history and their specific locations can only be found in a small collection of books, many of which are out of print. My challenge was to create an engaging and simplified means to find the locations of and hear these stories. The design needed to include a means to find, a means to gather, and a means to hear the folklore, as well as be considerate of the fact that tourists, not locals would be the target audience. Additionally I wanted the user to enjoy the experience, and find more than just stories, but also a sense of life of the city. Utilizing Wix as the design platform for this prototype I was quickly able to design wireframes, lo-fi’s, and the final product as well as make additional edits quickly. The final prototype web-app was simple, user intuitive, and allowed for additional help during the hunt. This responsive web-app was put out to users for testing and had a positive response.

About The Client

The City of Edinburgh is a local government agency that works with the day-to-day of a vibrant, tourism driven city. They provide help to the small local museums, as well as, provide information to tourist around the world. Visit Scotland is a government driven body that specifically works to develop the tourism industry of all of Scotland. They work to create new and exciting developments by sponsoring groups, events, and products. This project was made in response to the available options presented by both The City of Edinburgh and Visit Scotland. The target market for this webapp was second-time visitors and those looking for something beyond the standard tourism options.