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Frederick Douglass, Agitator!

3D Visualization & Interaction Designer
Project Details
  • Client: American Writer's Museum; Design by Amaze Design & Proun Design LLC
  • Location: Chicago Illinois
  • Date: June 2018

The Brief

Contracted by Proun Design LLC, working under Amaze Design, I was asked to create a 3D model of the proposed design. Using Proun's graphic designs and architectural drawings provided by the American Writer's museum, I crafted a full-scale Sketchup model. From there, I helped design the photographic mosaic using a specialty software to make a 10' portrait out of smaller portraits of Federick Douglass.

I was then asked to design the iPad interactive from the proposed design. Using Adobe Experience Design (XD), I crafted screen mockups including notes for the developers at Trivium Interactive. I also completed the motion graphic opening screen for the project using a map of locations Frederick Douglass was once photographed in.

About The Clients

Amaze Design creates exciting places to learn—places where people of all ages and backgrounds have fun through exploration and discovery.

Proun Design LLC, founded in 1999, is a Boston-based design firm specializing in interpretive exhibits. Chris Danemayer, principal of Proun, has been designing exhibits since 1989 and has an additional six years of experience designing for corporate and commercial venue.

Through innovative and dynamic state-of-the-art exhibitions, as well as compelling programming, the American Writers Museum educates, enriches, provokes, and inspires visitors of all ages.

3D Model

Photo Mosaic

Full Wall Panel
Close Up

iPad Interactive

Final Exhibit Design