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MoNatSci Interpretive Graphics

Exhibit Design

Project Details
  • Client: Missouri Institute of Natural Science
  • Location: Springfield, Missouri
  • Timeline: 4 Months
  • Completed: May 2017
The Brief

I approached the owner about the potential of working together on some design projects throughout the museum. He not only agreed, but was thrilled to have someone on board who understood marketing and environmental design.

Design Process

After a walk-through tour and communications with the volunteer staff, I made a collection of potential 'issues' to address. These included: creating a coherent and cohesive timeline of specimens (showcasing of eras), streamline & standardize the current branding, and create a base level of interpretation for all patrons to see.


The design entailed creating interpretive panels across the musuem, developing an organization for the space, and creating new in-brand brochures. The deisgn is still slowly being implemented on a very tight budget.

Project Client

Missouri Institute of Natural Science is a 100% volunteer driven Natural Science Museum in Springfield Missouri. After discovering River Bluff Cave (now considered the older cave of Ice Age specimens), by accident, on September 11th, 2001, Missouri Institute of Natural Science was born. As the only natural science museum in the area, MoNatSci, caters to everyday patrons, school field trip, cave tours, and even birthday parties. They do not charge a fee for traditional visitors, which means the budget to work on new projects is quite slim.

Sketchup Model Renderings

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