Mythic Gazetteer Wordpress Theme

Web Designer & Developer
Project Details
  • Client: The Mythic Gazetteer
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Date: August 2016
  • URL:

The Brief

Contracted by The Mythic Gazetteer’s co-founder, I was asked to create a custom Wordpress theme for their table-top company’s blog. The theme had to include a healthy blog platform as the gamer’s test via blog post retellings of a night’s play. Included is a page for custom artwork hire, and their first custom game: The Blackwood.

About The Client

Your guide to worlds that could be!” Founded in 2016, The Mythic Gazetteer strives to bring you action-packed gaming using myth, folklore, and history as primary ingredients. In their first setting, the Blackwood, you play as errant adventurers in a dark, magical forest inspired by German, Asian, and American folktales.

"Stevie helped my company develop a website in Fall 2016. She was invaluable from discussing the initial concept all the way to final tweaks after launch. Stevie was always prompt with friendly and knowledgeable responses to our questions. In particular, she helped us find and set up a totally new server after our first choice suffered a permanent crash, and it only put us behind schedule by a few days. Simply put, we wouldn't have a successful, beautiful website without Stevie's thorough knowledge of web hosting and design. Thanks, Stevie!"

Eli O'Sullivan Kurtz