Stevie Bales

Hiya! I'm Stevie Bales.

Working at the intersection of art, technology, and the built environment, I design experiences in everyday places, that orient, educate, and delight visitors.

I collaborate with organizations to help them build and share story environments that captivate audiences & teach through interactivity. Using my theatrical storytelling skills, I aim to create spaces that help organizations be unique in their industry and increase visitor engagement. Currently I work and serve EGD, signage, and exhibit design firms, as well as signage fabricators, architects, and experiential marketing businesses. I also work directly with museums, parks, and historical societies.

Perhaps most impressive about Stevie is her work ethic and her commitment to the overall quality of the production.

Dr. Robin Schraft

Professor | Drury Univeristy

Stevie is a creative mind with a professional attitude.

Mia Young

Treasurer | Springfield Mid-America Singers

Stevie is creative, hard-working and dedicated to her design production.

Dr. Mick Sokol

Department Director | Drury University

Making everyday places communicate.
Wayfinding // Placemaking // Exhibits // Technology