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Stevie Bales

Hiya. I'm Stevie Bales a trained designer and lover of all things ‘experiential’.

I enjoy exploring, creating, and trying new things. This love of memory-making gives me the edge that you need to design something great. Using my theatrical storytelling skills, I work to create experiential designs that captivate audiences & teach through interactivity. I work at the intersection of digital technology, integrated design, and environmental graphics, to create experiential designs that help organizations & businesses be unique in their industry, attract new foot traffic, and increase visitor engagement.

When not behind a screen, you will find me absorbing the nearest museum, traveling across the world or down the street, pretending to be a Settler of Catan, or trying new craft beer (sometimes with cheese!). I also play role-playing board games, stop at visitor centers on the way in and out, as well as drink wine with pasta or steak (but not pizza, that’s weird).

If you love the stranger things in life as much as I do and are in serious need of some experiential design help, just give me a shout! I’m always looking for new and interesting projects, but remember I’m a professional. I won’t be the cheapest there is, but I will work to help take your business to the next level!

My Goal

Honestly, I want to work with organizations that want to teach people and give them something cool to interaction with, all while making enough money to keep food on the table, a roof over my head, and visit my friends and family across the world. I want to share cool ideas with the world and give organizations the platform they need to do so!

My Strategy

Just like the carpenter, plan twice and execute once. I like to dive deep into understanding your organization, your space, and your story. Deep understanding leads to engaging, educating, and delightful design! And we might find out something we don't know before.

Perhaps most impressive about Stevie is her work ethic and her commitment to the overall quality of the production.

Dr. Robin Schraft


Her hard work, creativity and dedication to producing quality results is second to none.

Stefany Cambra

Artistic Director

Stevie is creative, hard-working and dedicated to her design production.

Dr. Mick Sokol


Experiential Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer

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