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Experiential Graphic Designer / Creative Technology Artist

Stevie Bales

What I Do

I help organizations create design experiences that orient, educate, and delight their clients.

Environmental Graphics

With over 7 years of spatial planning, I can help you put together environmental identity, exhibits, signage, window or booth display graphics. I’ll even help you find the fabricator to put it together. Projects include museums, corporate spaces, real estate, transportation, and parks.

Integrated Print & Digital

Sometimes a project isn’t complete without a little help from some companion print or digital design. I can help you take your concept across the entire spectrum of other assets including identity design. Projects include logos/identity, brochures, websites, presentations, documents, and postcards.

Participatory Interactives

Interactivity is the easiest way to engage your audience. As a Creative Technology Artist I can help you develop an interactive that fits your clients technology understanding and your budget. Projects include apps, audio tours, interactive installations, and prop design.

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Experiential Graphic Designer
Creative Technology Artist

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