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Stevie Bales

Creating built-environment experiences using color, typography, and code.

What I Do

I help organizations design experiences* that orient, educate, and delight their visitors.

Concept Design

Seeing the big picture helps you sell to stakeholders and generate funds for projects. Let's plan something awesome, from products & services, to processes, and spatial planning.

Projects include exhibits/exhibitions, booths, branded spaces, and interactive environments.

3D Design Visualization

Sketchup is my tool of choice. Let me help you put your ideas to paper by creating a 3D model visualization. I can even create renderings in your choice of realism.

Projects include design mockups, space planning, renderings, and shared 3D models for stakeholders.

Graphics & Identity

My bread and butter. I can help you develop an identity, create environmental & traditional graphics to match, then package it up for the fabricators.

Projects include signage packages, branded online or offline print assets and logos/identity systems.

Digital or Analog Interactives

Interactivity is the easiest way to engage your audience. I can help you develop an interactive that fits your technology needs and your budget.

Projects include websites/apps, animations, A/V Tours,props design, and installations.

*Experiences include: exhibits, wayfinding systems, branded environments, digital or physical installations, and participartory interactives.

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