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Experiential Designer

Stevie Bales

Creating built-environment experiences using creative technology & graphic design

— What I Do —
Environmental Graphics & Identity

From signage to event logos, let's get the stage set with some graphic treatment to make your visitor experience shine.

Creative Technology

Interactive light & sound installations, sensor-based works, and real-time data visualization are just a few of the areas I work in.

Participatory Interactives

Facilitating the participation of your audience through making, creating, and asking—from analog interactive installations to crafting.

Spatial Storytelling

You may know this by Exhibit, Set, or Environmental design, but at the end of the day, it's telling your story in the space around it.

— Process I Follow —
01 Consult

Meet with my stakeholders to get as much insight to the project as possible. Research provides the best insight.

02 Concept

1,000,000,000+ ideas to work with, but we can only choose one. I'll work with the gathered reserach to determine the best choice.

03 Craft

Next comes the design and prototyping phase, where I work my magic in creating the ultimate visitor experience.

04 Complete

With prototype and/or final production files in hand, I'll work with fabricators to create the completed piece.

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