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Stevie Bales

What I Do

I help organizations create 'design experiences' that orient, educate, and delight their clients.

3D Design Visualization

Sketchup is my tool of choice. Let me help you put your ideas to paper by creating a 3D model visualization. I can even create renderings in your choice of realism.

Projects include design mockups, space planning, renderings, and shared 3D models for stakeholders.

Graphics & Identity

My bread and butter. I can help you develop an identity, create environmental & traditional graphics to match, then package it up for the fabricators.

Projects include signage packages, branded online or offline print assets and logos/identity systems.

Digital Interactives

Interactivity is the easiest way to engage your audience. I can help you develop an interactive that fits your clients technology understanding and your budget.

Projects include websites, apps, animations, audio tours, and sensor-based digital installations.

Participatory Installations

Sometimes you don't have the space or time for a digital piece. This is where participatory installations come in; delights while keeping costs and upkeep down.

Projects include dress-up stations, kinetic sculptures, analog installations, and props design.

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